Hi!  I'm Son and I am the very definition of wearing your heart on your sleeve and would love to be mysterious but in truth I’m super simple to get to know!

I’m very much the excitable and chatty element of Sonshine Hollistic. I’m known for being full of energy, naughty conversation and love meeting new people. I could easily say that ‘making friends’ counts as one of my hobbies!

I found yoga accidentally around 10 years ago when I wandered into a Bannatynes Body Balance class completely unaware that I would discover one of my closest friends, my life’s passion and my future profession. I had been widowed 5 years earlier, at age 26 and despite being lucky enough to find my second soul mate, I was still struggling with my grief…still do sometimes! Yoga was like coming home…I loved it instantly and became a regular at any of Tracy’s classes I could attend. Fast forward 8 years of teaching/ running a successful nursery, dipping in and out of my yoga practice, gaining a third degree and growing my family (2 gorgeous boys and a crazy Border Collie); I started Sonshine Yoga.

In the beginning it was a pet project but it quickly became my sanctuary and I realised how happy I was teaching children’s yoga and that I wanted to make this my full time (ish) occupation. I was lucky enough to have a hugely supportive, albeit very grumpy husband, who has encouraged me throughout this process and I’ve met some awesome people on my yoga journey and have trained with absolute superstars.

I now spend my time (there is no free time…I have two kids and a dog) getting outdoors, hugging my loved ones, doing yoga, planning yoga lessons, learning new skills and writing poetry. I’m obsessed with art and pretty things (thank goodness my bestie is an artist), love being with my friends and having cosy nights in with all my boys. Did I mention food…I LOVE food! Pizza, Chinese food, mushrooms, oat milk caramel lattes and Mimi’s cakes are some of my favourites.

Join me for Yoga Shred, Seasonal Yoga, kids classes, Slow Flow and Yin.

See you soon! 



Hello!  I’m the slightly calmer, quieter element in Sonshine Hollistic. I’m the yin to Sonja’s yang, we complement one another so well and that’s why we love to work together!

I went to my first yoga class 20 years ago (gulp!) and have been doing it on and off ever since. After various jobs including being a primary teacher, I decided to do my yoga teacher training in 2018. Hollistic Yoga was born, we even converted the garage at my home into a studio called The Caim (I don’t think my husband has forgiven me yet!)

I teach Vinyasa Flow and I’m now beginning to work with athletes including runners and cyclists which has been challenging and fun as they usually don’t believe they need yoga and I enjoy converting them!

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Things I love - my log fire, good coffee, big walks by the sea, Mexican food and summertime when I can be barefoot. I know it’s random but I hate shoes! In my perfect world there are only flip flops!

I can take myself too seriously and tend to over-prepare when I should just leap (thankfully now I have Sonja to give me a shove!) but I have a fun, feisty side too and I love new adventures.