A rocky area next to a body of waterA rocky area next to a body of waterA rocky area next to a body of water

Teacher Training

At Sonshine Holistic, we are thrilled to partner with Anya Hawkes of Core Revolution Yoga to offer a transformative Teacher Training program in Scotland. The 230 hour programme is a unique Core Strength Vinyasa course that intertwines ancient yoga principles with contemporary biomechanics and anatomy knowledge.

Anya Hawkes, the founder of Core Revolution and a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher, brings an extensive and innovative approach to this teacher training. The course schedule is designed to be dynamic and engaging, involving both Zoom sessions and in-studio weekends, culminating in a studio graduation. The syllabus covers foundational elements of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, including fluid foundations, core connection, the anatomy of breath, and more, ensuring a holistic and in-depth educational experience.

Son and Ruth